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Canada, north to the U.S., is a country that consists of 10 provinces and 3 territories. It is the world’s second largest country by total area and the population is set approximately at 35 million (as of 2015). Canada is officially bilingual, English and French, at the federal level, yet multiculturalism remains a symbol of Canada’s significant identity as a country.

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Health Care System in Canada

Canadian health care system is one of the best in the world. Many small regions have proper hospitals and clinics set up. All Canadian citizens and permanent residents are entitled to join the health care plan, which covers most of the expenses. The Government’s annual spending on medical expenses is approximately $52 billion, which means a subsidy of $1,800 per person. After joining the plan, the CareCard holder will receive free coverage in major services, such as physician visits, regular check-ups, laboratory fees, hospitalization and surgery costs. Hospitals and physicians are directly reimbursed by the Government through the taxes collected.

Education System in Canada

Canada is known for having one of the world’s best education systems. The Provincial Government takes the responsibility for setting up the education curriculum. By law, all children must go to school starting at the age of 5 or 6 until the age of 16 to 18, depending on the province or territory. Parents can choose to send their children to free public schools or pay to send the children to private schools.

Types of school

  • Public Schools: take majority count of schools in the country , from Gr.1 to Gr.12, set up by the Provincial Government, exempt tuition fees
  • Private schools: include Gr.1 to Gr.12, and Universities, set up by private institutions, must pay tuition
  • Christian Schools/Academy: include Gr.1 to Gr.12, and Universities, set up by the churches, must pay tuition
Provinces’ Education  Program (except Quebec) Quebec Education Program
  Grade Age Grade Age
Kindergarten 4-6 5-6
Primary School Gr.1-Gr.8 6-14 Gr.1-Gr.6 6-12
High School Gr.9-Gr,12 14-18 S.1-S.5 12-17

Tax System

Canada’s tax system mainly comprises of two levels: Federal and Provincial. Federal tax is collected by the Federal Government based on a flat rate and primarily spent on federal expenditure. Provincial tax is spent on health care, education, city development, to name a few. Canada’s tax schemes include sales tax, personal income tax, corporate tax, property tax and estate tax. Personal and corporate tax rates are progressive and possess a tax refund scheme.

Province Consumption Tax Personal Income Tax Company Tax
Federal Provincial Federal Provincial Federal Provincial
-(Vancouver )
5% 7%  












13% N/A 5.05%-13.16% 4.5%-11.5%
5% N/A 10%-15% N/A
5% 7% 10.8%-17.4% 0%-12%
5% 5% 11%-15% 2%-12%
 15% 8.79%-21% 3%-16%
 15% 9.68%-20.3% 4%-12%
-(St. Jonn’s)
 15% 8.2%-16.8% 3%-14%
 14% 9.8%-16.7% 4.5%-16%
5% 9.975% 16%-25.75% N/A

(updated: 2016)