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Real Estate & Immigration Program


In reflection of the economy crisis in 2008, the U.S. real estate was plummeted and leveled at a relatively low value and people were hesitant to invest during those years. Until 2012, the American economy began to revive coupling with investors from all around the world, and instantly the U.S. real estate market started to be active and cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Detroit became the favorable investment cities.

Global Bridge, always leading the market trend, together with Detroit Real Estate Development Corporation (DRED) and Pathway Property Management LLC (PPM), take the initiative to combine the two most sought activities – real estate investment and immigration – enabling investors to spend the income derived from purchasing and leasing the U.S. properties onto the expenses for immigration application. Such killing two birds with one stone allows applicant to “get the American green card at zero costs” !

Brief Application Process

  1. Investor purchases the property valued at not less than US$98,000 from DRED and in return receive the assistance to apply the US EB-3 Program.
  2. Investor will receive an annual guaranteed 5% rental income for five years. After five years, investor has the option to sell the property or continue receiving rental income. The anticipated rate of return after the five-year period is estimated to be 10%.
  3. Investor is definitely owned the property title.
  4. The DRED is responsible to pay the property tax, insurance, management and maintenance fees.
  5. The investor is not necessary the applicant for immigration.



Website: www.dredhome.com