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What is EB-3 program?

EB-3 program is one of US immigration program under Employment Base the Third Preference. CIS accept the application from the applicant who would like to work with US employer after immigrate to United States. Applicant, his/her spouse and the child under 21 will receive an immigration visa from the US Consulate in their own country, and will receive the green card after landing United States prior to work for the employer.

Why the US employer needs to recruit the workers in foreign countries?

US Employer needs large number of workers to fill up their job positions. Since the employer cannot recruit enough workers to fill up the jobs even though the recruitment advertisement is done, the employer is going to recruit the workers from other countries through this program.

What is the requirement of age and sex preference of the applicant?

Everyone whose age over 18 and meet the recruiting criteria of US employer can apply this program. No sex preference.

Do I get paid? How much salary for my work?

Yes. Employer will pay salary to you according the privilege wages approved by US DOL.

Do I really need to work for the sponsor employer for one year or can I choose not to?

No. You must work with the sponsor employer for at least one year after landed USA.

Can I pay the employer so that I don’t have to work?

No. This is illegal.

Can I have someone else report to the employer on my behalf so that I don’t have to go?

No. You must go to report to employer by yourself.

If I don’t fulfill my agreement with the sponsor employer, will I have any problems in the future?

Yes. You have a potential risk for cancellation of your green card by CIS.

After I start working, if I have difficulty with the employer who should I go to for help?

You can discuss with Human Resource Department of employer, or contact our Settlement Service Center in Greenville SC for help.

How is the one year of work calculated? Will I have to work for 365 days to complete one year or will days off be included in the one year?

You have to work for 365 days accumulatively to complete one-year work period. Regular days off is included.

What is it like to work for this sponsor employer and how well do they treat their employees?

Sponsor Employer provide a kind of non-skill job. You will work under the Labor Law of United States which will protect the employee’s interest. You will enjoy the social benefit as same as citizen of United States.

Will the employer provide me with a place to live?

No. You should arrange the place to live yourself.

Will my income from the job be enough to support myself/my family?

Depends on the number of family member you need to support. You spouse and family member over 18 can go for work when they receive the green card. We can help to arrange the job for your spouse and family, if necessary.

Can I have a second job or study while I work for the sponsor employer?

Yes. You can find the second job and go to study because you are the permanent resident of United States.

Can my wife/ husband also work for the sponsor employer?

Yes. We are happy to arrange the job to your spouse from sponsor employer.

D + EB-3

What if I want to live in the property that I purchase?

No. The property just available for lease to tenant only.

What can I do with the property after the end of the 5-year period?

You can continue to lease out, or sell the property after five year.